How do I enable Facebook selling from Shopify?

Do you have a Facebook page? Do you use the T-Pop app? Find out how to link your products to Facebook Shopping.

3 years ago - 1 min reading

By Julien Boulogne
How do I enable Facebook selling from Shopify?

As you probably know, you have the possibility to sell on your Facebook page the products created with the T-Pop application.

Facebook offers a shop part, the application allows you to insert your products very easily.

This tutorial is compatible with the Shopify standard package, as well as the Lite package.

Activate sales channels

If you have not yet activated Facebook and Messenger in the sales channels (the places where you want to sell), you can easily do so:

Drop-shipping in France: -)

Then, you need to associate your Facebook account with your Shopify account:
Click on "Account" under the Facebook tab on the left of the screen then "Connect an account", then choose your page from the drop-down menu.

Sell your POD products on Facebook.
How to link your Shopify account with your Facebook shop.

There, your page is associated.

Now, to select the products you want to sell via Facebook, go to a product sheet, then in the "Sales channels" box select "Manage". Check the appropriate box(es) and voilà, in a few minutes your products will automatically be added to your page under the "Shop" tab of your Facebook page.

Note that the process is the same for Messenger.

Easy, isn't it?

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