A new 100% organic cotton tank top for women

In these hot weather conditions, this tank top is just in time, and what's more, it's made from 100% organic cotton. How organic is that?

2 years ago - 2 min reading

By Marie Boulogne
A new 100% organic cotton tank top for women

A top quality tank top

As we love our customers (you) and also organic products, we have added a new product to the application available in print on demand: the DREAMER from Stanley/Stella, a women's tank top made entirely of organic cotton.

Like all Stanley/Stella products, it has an impressive array of labels: including GOTS, the most demanding of all, Oeko-Tex and the Fair Wear label (which ensures good working conditions for textile workers).

The organic labels of this product available in print on demand.

The cut is feminine and rather close to the body (no need to advise your customers to take a size below their reference size, they can simply choose the tank top in their usual size).

The Dreamer is available in several colours, but for reasons of stock and speed of delivery, we have decided to select four colours: white, black, grey and, as a novelty, pink.

Why this choice ofcolors...

We have selected the best-sellers from Stanley/Stella, the colours that customers like best.

The sizes available for this model range from XS to XL.

Stanley stella organic women's tank top

This tank top is of excellent quality, the finishes and seams are impeccable.

The cotton is combed, which makes the printing surface 100% compatible with our digital printers.

The result is great, the rendering colorsis perfect.

You can sell this personalised product on your site for between €25 and €35, with your eyes closed (who said "fingers in the nose?").

It's up to you to play now and sell thousands of them!

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