Updates and new features

Summary of what's new in the last few months. Hint, there are many.

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By Julien Boulogne
Updates and new features

27 October 2020

New application

It's been a super long time since we updated this page. Not because of a lack of updates (there have been many) but because we have been working hard, really, on the release of the new version of the platform.

Now you can access your products, your orders, without having to log into your Shopify store. This also means an important feature : you can now place orders even if you don't have a Shopify store...

WooCommerce integration, Etsy integration, ultra fast product creation...

The new platform is currently in a beta test version, the release of this one is close. You want to test it? Contact us, we will be happy to tell you how to access it :)

31 March 2020

New function

Circular (or panoramic) printing makes its appearance on the mugs. This is a great option if your visuals are to be printed along the length of the mug.

27 March 2020

New function

Great news: we now offer the option to send us goodies to add to your parcels.

You mail them to us and we will put them in your packages.

A great, great feature for your branding.

22 March 2020

New function

Added order tracking link (if available) directly from the application: you no longer need to check the status of the order in Shopify.

How do I track the order? In the application, click on "Orders" to get the list of your T-Pop orders.

Click on the link of the order you wish to follow (1st column), in order to obtain the details. The link will appear on the new page.

Easy, isn't it?

11 February 2020

Adding products

Addition of 2 new organic cotton hoodies: the Drummer and Cruiser make their debut.

The Drummer is the new "entry-level" sweatshirt from Stanley/Stella: it is available at an ultra-competitive price and is of excellent quality.

As for the Cruiser, it's a top-of-the-line sweatshirt.

The "Maker" and "FDM" hoodies are now unavailable.

27 January 2020

Add product

Addition of a new organic product in our print on demand app: the Rocker by Stanley/Stella.

It's a brand new t-shirt, which is very close to the old Leads (150 gr/M2).

Its big advantage: an ultra-aggressive price for an organic t-shirt with top quality workmanship.

This product replaces the SG T-shirt, we will gradually replace conventional cotton products with an organic equivalent.

20 January 2020

Updating the application

  • Optimisation of the application's loading speed
  • Reversal of the display direction of the images in the gallery (from the most recent to the oldest)
  • Colour display on the right hand side rather than under the product
  • Change in product presentation

16 January 2020

Add product

Addition of a new organic product, the hoodie "Sider".

The special feature of hoodie is the absence of a front pocket, which offers a larger printing area and a completely different style: the ideal product in print on demand.

10 January 2020

Add product

Add 5 colors for ceramic mugs.

Good news, the price of the white ceramic mug is significantly lower: 1.50 € less on the print on demand rate.

27 December 2019

New function

Added email notifications in case of a blocked order problem.

If a payment fails, you will receive an email to let you know.

Similarly, if a problem is found on a visual or on a delivery address, a notification is sent to you by email.

20 December 2019

New function

You can now cancel an order directly from the application.

Go to the list of current orders in the application.

Click on "View Order": a "Cancel Order" button is now visible if the order can still be cancelled.

14 November 2019

New function

Added a new contact mode: a form allowing you to leave us a message is available in our print on demand application.

Simply click on the "need help" tab on the application home page.

You will also find on the contact page a link to our knowledge base.

28 October 2019

Product modification

The Stanley/Stella Leads t-shirt is removed from the application.

All orders placed for a Leads model will be shipped with the Creator model when our Leads stock is exhausted.
Note that you benefit from the Creator price (cheaper and higher range).

3 October 2019

New product

The Streeter, from Stanley/Stella

New crazy new product: the hoodie dress, by Stanley/Stella.
A very high-end product to enhance your brand image.

28 September 2019

New feature

Added "retry payment" feature.
If your order payment has failed, you can now request to retry your order in production.

Go to the order panel and click the "retry" button when the problem is solved on your side.

27 September 2019

New product

The mini Creator (Stanley/Stella).

New unisex children's t-shirt, available in 5 colours. This replaces the Paints, which are in a considerably cheaper condition. Yippee.

25 September 2019

New product

The Expresser.

New women's T-shirt available in 7 colors. It replaces the Wants, but is much cheaper. Isn't it great?

24 September 2019

New product

The Creator by Stanley/Stella.

New unisex t-shirt, available in 11 colors.
The Rolls Royce of t-shirts: top quality workmanship and very low prices.
Probably the best t-shirt available in print on demand.

23 September 2019

New function

Added the "create in the background" function.
A checkbox visible at the last creation step now allows you to automatically open a new window and create the product without waiting.

This allows you to quickly create several products in succession.
We know that some of you like to create fast and well, so that's it.

22 September 2019

New feature

You can now place your manual orders directly from the application. Just click on "Manual control" in the top menu of the application.

The procedure is detailed in the support centre: shelp.tpop.eu

It even seems that a 10% discount is offered on the first order of samples....

15 September 2019

New function

You can now choose between a "flat" or "mannequin" mockup on all new products.
Mockups are coming soon for all products.

We're thinking of you, aren't we?

28 August 2019

New function

Update of the product creation module:

  • Now you can see in real time the status of the product creation
  • The speed of creation has been multiplied by 2

15 August 2019

New feature

Added German to the list of automatic translations of slips.
We now support :

  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

If you would like to have the slips in other languages, please contact us...

2 August 2019

New function

You can now choose to create the visuals on your shop in PNG or JPG format: JPG is lighter but slightly degrades your images, PNG is a little heavier but retains all the details of the visuals.

Note that this has no impact on the print quality, just the rendering on your site

28 June 2019

New function

Added the merge function: you can now associate several articles or products with different visuals on a single product sheet.
It is ideal to put a white visual on a black t-shirt and a black visual on a white t-shirt.

Well, you get the idea.

17 July 2019

New function

The image gallery: from now on, used images no longer need to be resubmitted. You can find all your images here.

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