New: the CREATOR, the unisex t-shirt from Stanley/Stella

The Creator, we love it (ha ha we laugh).

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By Marie Boulogne
New: the CREATOR, the unisex t-shirt from Stanley/Stella

For the start of the new school year, we have decided to give you an eyeful with the entry on the CREATOR application and its 11 colors !

Being a unisex t-shirt, we decided to offer it in 6 sizes (from XS to XXL). This way, girls wearing S will not be penalised and will be able to choose the XS.

A little side note: if you want to offer a slim-fitting t-shirt in your shop that is really made for women, then we advise you to choose the Expresser (the replacement for the Wants), which has also just arrived.

You will be able to offer the Creator to both men and women, no need to create two different product sheets according to gender. This saves a lot of time when you run an online shop.

In technical terms, the Creator is thicker (180 g/m2) than the Leads, so it is perfect for all seasons.

It is slightly larger than the Leads (between 0.5 and 1 cm larger), it is a cut and sewn garment and like all Stanley/Stella garments, it is made from organic cotton and holds the strictest environmental labels on the market such as GOTS.

No less than 11 colors are available on the application and don't worry, we have them all in stock, so there is no long delivery time, all Creator orders leave our workshop within 48 to 72 hours.

Unisex organic Creator t-shirt available on the POD eco-friendly T-Pop service.

Of these colors, five were already available on the Leads and Wants (white, black, mottled grey, burgundy and navy blue). These are now joined by yellow, orange, lavender, royal blue, light pink and mottled blue.

Why these colors ?

We simply chose them on the basis of two criteria: printability and stock at Stanley/Stella.

It is essential for us to offer you quality products that look good when printed. In addition, we want to keep them in our catalogue as long as possible, so that you don't have to delete products from your shop.

How much does it cost?

*Drum roll*

The price of the Creator on the application is €13. 20 including VAT for the white and €14.70 including VAT for the color (i.e. €11 excluding VAT and €12.30 excluding VAT).

Isn't it strong?

As it is already a bestseller at S/S, we are sure that we have made the right choice in offering it to you and it is certain that at this low price, you will be selling it by the bucketful.

This is an excellent product with an incredible quality of manufacture: this t-shirt can be sold as a real ready-to-wear garment and its price, once printed, can easily be between 29 € and 49 €.

Don't hesitate to highlight the many labels that the Creator holds and its ecological production: these are real selling points today.

The icing on the cake: you can now customise the Creator on the back. You see, we're thinking of you.

Now all you have to do is personalise and upload this beautiful t-shirt to your shops.

In the workshop, we are waiting quietly but not without excitement for your orders, thousands of them...

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