New product: a cute, organic bodysuit

100% organic cotton, nothing but organic for this baby bodysuit!

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By Marie Boulogne
New product: a cute, organic bodysuit

We welcome a little, tiny newcomer to the application: the 100% organic cotton bodysuit from Babybugz.

After all, babies also have the right to wear your beautiful visuals and promote your brand.

For stock and quality reasons, we have selected a single colour for the moment: white. Other colours exist on this bodysuit, but not all are organic and some colors are not suitable for digital printing (the rendering would not be optimal). As you know, we want to offer you the best and the products are always tested before being validated "fit" to leave our workshop.

As this product is intended for babies, it was essential that the manufacturing and printing qualities be perfect.

The Babybugz products, belonging to the eco-responsible brand Mantisworld, are made in Tanzania (as are the Crop tops on the app).

They are OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified and BSCI labelled, which means that employees and farmers in the brand's supply chain are protected by a code of conduct, based on key social law concepts such as freedom of association, acceptable working hours, prohibition of child and forced labour, payment of a minimum wage, safety at work and protection of the environment.

We think it is essential to find out where the textile comes from and how it is made. As a distributor, it is our duty to provide as much information as possible to our customers.

Today, we are fortunate to sell products from ethical and eco-responsible brands, such as Stanley/Stella or Mantis, that are totally transparent with their customers and that do not hesitate to disclose the entire manufacturing process of their products.

To return to the bodysuit, it is of excellent quality, with well worked finishes. It weighs 200 g/m2, so it is rather thick. It has an American neckline (as opposed to the wrap-around bodysuit, which has a cross neck).

For the anecdote, the American neckline was invented by the Petit-Bateau brand in the 1950s. It was inspired by the American soldiers who, thanks to this collar shape, could remove their t-shirts without taking off their helmets...

Printing on demand is easy for Shopify.

Then, you will find three nice metal snaps (nickel free to avoid allergies) in the leg area to change the nappy quickly.

Supplier of products in print on demand.

Finally, there is no collar label, just a small chip of size.

Everything is there to sell as many bodies as possible and make babies happy!

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