A selection of great themes for Shopify

A selection of hot themes for your Shopify site.

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By Marie Boulogne
A selection of great themes for Shopify
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In this article, we will talk to you about an important part of Shopify and e-commerce in general: the personalization of your shop through themes.

Your theme, the overall look of your site is an INCREASIVELY important point.

You have to think exactly as if your shop were a physical shop: would you want to shop in a poorly lit, badly laid out shop with moderately friendly salespeople?

The theme is the heart of your site, the point not to be neglected.

How does it work on Shopify?

First of all, you will need to choose a theme for your shop: go to the Shopify Theme Store where the platform offers 70 free and paid themes (there used to be a good hundred or so, but for the sake of quality, they have "skimmed" their list and selected the best).

In less than 2 minutes, your theme is installed on your back office without any "tweaking" on your part. Pure simplicity!

The best Shopify themes, adapted to print on demand.

With this theme just installed, your shop is already functional and has a chic and attractive look for the customer.

Of course, you will then need to add the names of your products and collections. To do this, nothing could be simpler, you simply need to fill in the dedicated "boxes" in each section.

If you want to go further and customise the theme a little more, don't worry, you have access to an online editor that allows you to "code" (no need to be a graduate of the 42 school, we assure you!) to modify certain aspects or colors of your shop.

Let's review some quality themes (free and paid), available on the Shopify store.

One thing you should know before going any further is that all the themes are " responsive " (adapted to mobile browsing), which is not insignificant in view of the figures announced by the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (FEVAD): in 2018, in France, more than one in five online purchases is made on a mobile phone and this market represents 17 billion euros. Thus, more and more people make their purchases on their smartphone, hence the interest in having a responsive site where it is easy to navigate and buy a product.

Our selection of themes

START (free)

Our opinion on the topic "Start" for Shopify

When you register on Shopify, this is the theme that will be installed by default on your shop. Despite this, it is a very good theme, which offers a multitude of options such as being able to display a slider on your homepage, giving the customer the possibility to filter products according to type or price or offering a more detailed menu with better navigation.

In short, it is a simple to use theme, easily customizable and quite effective for conversion. The only criticism we could make of it would be its popularity since it is one of the most downloaded themes from the Shopify Theme Store. You may therefore find it on many other e-shops, which is not great if you want a shop that is out of the ordinary.

However, with a little bit of code, you can get a really nice theme.

Install the start theme


Brooklyn: our opinion on this Shopify theme.

Brooklyn is an excellent theme that showcases your products with a modern and rather minimalist design and offers some very interesting features. For example, it allows you to add a video on your homepage to present your brand or to opt for a "sliding" shopping cart that will greatly facilitate navigation on your site. It is also perfectly optimised for use on mobile phones.

In summary, Brooklyn is a theme with a lot of options, easy to use and will instantly give your online shop a professional image, all at a low cost, since it can be installed for free.

Install the Brooklyn theme


The Narrative theme: our opinion on this Shopify theme.

Narrative is a free theme that offers three different styles. It is primarily designed for shops that sell only one or a few products. It effectively emphasizes storytelling, which is telling the story of your brand. In this way, you capture the attention of your audience by entertaining them or making them dream and you achieve your goal, which is to sell your product. This marketing technique is very common and has now been proven to work. For example, to showcase your brand, you can add a full-screen video on the homepage of your shop, present your products with customizable slides or image blocks.

If you want to work on your brand image using storytelling, Narrative is a theme that will fulfill this function 100% and meet your expectations as a marketer.

Install Narrative

WILL ($220)

Our opinion on the theme Testament, a theme for Shopify.

When you install the Testament theme (well, it's not the nicest name in the world...), you have a choice of four different styles.

It offers a lot of customisation possibilities and allows for excellent navigation in your shop. For example, your customer can have a quick overview of the product without having to go directly to the product page and still be able to add it to the shopping cart. All these little things make this theme a pleasure to use, it is perfectly conversion oriented, both on desktop and on mobile.

Install the Testament theme


Discover our selection of the best themes for Shopify and our print on demand application.

The Showtime theme is ideal for shops with many products or that host several brands. You will have a choice of three header styles and many customization options. Just like Testament, the user navigates quickly from one product to another and can easily add it to his shopping cart. The customer will also be able to easily sort the items with a full filtering option.

It offers a lot of features, so choosing between it and Testament will mainly depend on your taste in design.

Discover Showtime

TURBO ($350)

The best Shopify theme: Turbo. Discover the Turbo theme, associated with our print on demand application.

The top of the top of the top of the top of the mega top.

Unlike the other two paid themes, the Turbo theme is not found on the Shopify Theme Store. You will need to download it directly from the vendor's website.

Turbo is a premium theme: all its features would take too long to summarize in a single article.

Its main strengths are the following:

  • Design: your awning will look professional instantly
  • Speed: the developers have worked a lot on the display speed and the theme is extremely reactive (good point for conversion)
  • Features: Turbo offers a huge range of options and customization
  • Referencing: SEO level, everything is studied, calculated with small onions

Anyway, we love it.

Discover Turbo by following this link

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